DHW heat pumps – Advice

  • Energy Label for DHW heat pumps

    DHW heat pumps will have their own energy efficiency label. The indication of energy efficiency is intended to help consumers choose efficient and environmentally responsible products. The "top rating" for DHW heat pumps: A+.

    The energy efficiency labels

    Good to know: There are different energy efficiency labels for various water heaters. Each label has different symbols. A differentiation is made between the following categories: conventional water heaters, solar operated water heaters, water heaters with a heat pump and combined systems consisting of a water heater and a solar thermal system.

    Pictograph Explanation of energy efficiency label for DHW heat pumps
    DHW load profile achieved by the DHW heat pump for which the efficiency and sound values are specified (in accordance with EU regulation - to EN 16147 XXS - XXL)
    Sound power level, indoor (EN 12102)
    Sound power level, outdoor (EN 12102)
    Annual power consumption in kWh as final energy for each climate zone*

    *for appliances classified as indoor air appliances, the different climate zones are disregarded and the temperature applied is always 20 °C
    Suitable for exclusive operation during off-peak periods

    Determination of the energy efficiency classes

    The energy efficiency classes for DHW heat pumps are calculated using their "DHW heating energy efficiency". For electrically operated DHW heat pumps, this efficiency rating is generally based on the coefficient of performance (COP) for a relevant draw-off profile (to EN 16147), and the primary energy factor, as defined throughout Europe.

    The efficiency rating or the annual power consumption is measured, for an appliance offered for outdoor air, relative to its climate zone. For this purpose Europe is divided into three climatic regions. All three climate zones have different heat source temperatures, meaning that the COP and the efficiency for these three zones are different too.

    These three climate zones do not apply to appliances that use indoor air as the heat source and that are sold for this purpose. They are measured uniformly at a heat source temperature of +20 °C. This means that the COP and efficiency are the same for all three zones. Based on this definition, an appliance may be rated differently, depending on whether it uses outdoor or indoor air as a heat source.

    For DHW heat pumps, the categorisation also includes minimum requirements for sound emissions and a minimum water volume subject to the selected draw-off profile. 

    Top ratings for DHW heat pumps from STIEBEL ELTRON

    In accordance with the associated Energy Label, DHW heat pumps will be rated by categorising them into efficiency classes G to A+. A+ is the top rating. G denotes appliances with extremely poor values. Since September 2015, the publication of information on the efficiency of equipment has been mandatory. STIEBEL ELTRON DHW heat pumps achieve the highest possible efficiency class for DHW heating, i.e. energy efficiency class A+*. 


    STIEBEL ELTRON offers tomorrow's solutions for you today

    DHW heat pumps from STIEBEL ELTRON already meet the requirements for energy efficiency class A+. ErP-ready and futureproof – DHW heat pumps from STIEBEL ELTRON.

    *Information about the energy efficiency class: This information complies with the official requirements for water heaters, which will be compulsory from 2015 respectively 2017 (EU Regulation no. 812/2013), based on the data from EN 16147 according to ErP for DHW heat pumps.