Instantaneous water heater

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    The DHE electronic comfort delivers water heated to the precise degree and spoils you, upon demand, with four functions for good health.

    Useful information on instantaneous water heaters

    Instantaneous water heaters are sealed unvented appliances with a pressure-tested internal tank for centralised supply. They can be connected to any number of draw-off points. The volume of DHW available is determined by the heating output of the instantaneous water heater. These appliances are compact in design and offer output high enough to heat the water.    

    Why use an instantaneous water heater? - A simple and understandable explanation.

    How does an instantaneous water heater work? - A simple and understandable explanation.

    What to consider when using instantaneous water heaters? - A simple and understandable explanation.

    This is how you find the right instantaneous water heater for you

    Instantaneous water heater

    Compact instantaneous water heater

    Mini instantaneous water heater
    Supplying multiple draw-off points in one room    
    Supplying multiple basins  
    Supplying one basin in one room    
    High temperature  
    Moderate temperature    
    High DHW consumption    
    Moderate DHW consumption    
    Low DHW consumption    

    Outstanding DHW convenience with i technology

    STIEBEL ELTRON's i technology redefines the technical features "fully electronic close-loop control", "electronic close-loop control" and "electronic open-loop control". This technology sets new standards, not only in terms of overall DHW convenience, but also when it comes to energy efficiency.
    The temperature at the draw-off point is influenced by various factors. These can be corrected by different sensors. The more high end the appliance, the more sensors control the water temperature and the more precisely the domestic hot water temperature is maintained.

    Overview of 4i, 3i and 2i technology