Renewables are superseding fossil fuels

Fossil fuels represent the encapsulated energy savings of an entire geological era. At current rates, this energy will have been consumed in one millionth of the time it took to create. Systems are now required that will remain efficient in the long term. The radiated energy of the sun and the solar energy stored in nature are sufficient, for example, to secure our long term energy provision.

STIEBEL ELTRON products are made in Germany: Our product portfolio includes heat pump technology, ventilation systems and the associated storage technology. Discover more – watch the video now.

Utilise renewable and regenerative energy

STIEBEL ELTRON offers solutions that can help to drastically reduce energy consumption. The use of intelligent technology in combination with renewables allows us to become largely independent of finite resources, such as crude oil, natural gas and coal.

Energy generation

Utilise free environmental heat: If you switch from a traditional oil or gas heating system to a heat pump, you can cover up to 75 % of your household heat demand with environmental energy. If photovoltaic modules are also integrated, then this level of independence can be increased even further.

Energy storage

Convert solar energy into usable heat: Thermal storage solutions are an intelligent option for storing photovoltaic electricity. They are technically advanced, robust and highly appropriate, as almost 90 % of the energy required in a household is heating energy.
Highly insulated thermal stores from STIEBEL ELTRON can store this heat extremely effectively – with minimum heat losses. So the energy for meeting the hot water and heating requirements of your household is always available.

Energy efficiency

Make optimum use of energy potential: Modern ventilation systems not only ensure a healthy indoor climate, they also make a significant
contribution to the efficient use of energy. This is because ventilation systems with heat recovery retain up to 90 % of the energy otherwise lost by conventional airing through
open windows. Heat pumps work so efficiently nowadays that they draw 75 % of their heating output from the environment.

Energy management

Manage energy efficiency intelligently: STIEBEL
ELTRON provides ideal solutions for making optimum use of the power generated on site from renewable sources. With these solutions, technical components of a building can be connected and controlled in such a way that on-site consumption of generated power is increased. The Internet Service Gateway (ISG) creates the necessary interfaces for controlling
building services intelligently.

In our academy in Holzminden, we teach about innovative building technology: For example, that heat pumps can be successfully used in refurbishment projects – simple and easy to understand!