System cylinders

  • System flexibility for all application areas

    With STIEBEL ELTRON's system cylinders, almost any application can be implemented reliably and economically, such as heating, cooling or DHW along with a wide variety of heat generators, whatever the building type.

    The various system cylinders

    Buffer cylinder

    • Cylinder volume from 100 to 1500 litres
    • Wall mounted or floorstanding appliances

    DHW cylinder

    • Cylinder volume from 150 to 1000 litres
    • High grade enamelled steel cylinders


    Combi / instantaneous water cylinder

    • Cylinder volume from 600 to 1500 litres
    • "PRO temp-Flow" system


    Solar cylinder

    • Cylinder volume from 150 to 600 litres
    • Wall mounted or floorstanding appliances
    • Solar charging for cylinders up to 1500 litres 

    Latest technology for greater convenience and efficiency

    DHW cylinder SBBE: Design meets efficiency

    Ideal for detached and two-family houses: The SBBE DHW cylinders are setting new standards. The standby losses of the current ranges, which were already low, have been almost halved. Recognition: The appliances have been labelled energy efficiency class A.
    The cylinders are, when combined with heat pumps from STIEBEL ELTRON, designed to utilise renewables. Types SBBE 401-501 WP SOL can also be used in conjunction with solar thermal systems.