Electric heaters

  • Electric heaters offer considerable savings potential

    Heating comfort is a good thing, but only if that heat is not wasted. Considering that you only spend a limited amount of time in the bathroom in the morning and evening, you don't need to provide cosy warmth in there all day long. Unfortunately, in some central heating systems, heat can only be regulated in terms of time and area to a limited degree.
    And this is where electric heaters come into their own. They can be sited practically anywhere, which means that they can provide heat exactly where required. Heat is generated directly at the point of use – rather than delivered through lengthy pipework from the boiler room. This brings two main advantages: firstly, the investment outlay is low. Electric heating systems require no pipework, radiators or chimneys, which brings the purchase and installation costs down. Secondly, the running costs are low, too, because electric heaters allow you to take advantage of cheaper economy tariffs. Furthermore, operation is almost maintenance-free. So, all in all, they represent a serious alternative, both as a main, and as a supplementary, heating system.

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    The benefits of electric heaters

    • They ensure a healthy interior (no draughts, no oxygen depletion)
    • The heating method is clean and environmentally responsible (no dust, no ash, no soot, no odour)
    • No chimney connection is required
    • There is no need for a boiler room, fuel store or tank
    • The electricity is converted into heat without any losses
    • The appliances are perfectly equipped for the job
    • Cutting-edge technology enables a high heating output from modest dimensions
    • Appliances can be optimally controlled with individual room control as standard
    • Electric room heating systems are extremely quiet