Electric heaters – Advice

  • Electric heaters – with advanced heating systems for greater efficiency

    Heating systems that use electrically generated heat are amongst the most convenient of all in residential buildings. Various solutions are available, ranging from bathroom radiators, right through to underfloor heating systems and natural stone heaters.

    When it comes to heating comfort, electric heating systems have much to offer: they are significantly faster to respond than most other heating systems on the market, and can be more accurately controlled. If you want to heat up your bathroom quickly in the morning, for example, they are the perfect choice. Operating costs can be quite low, too, because electric heaters enable you to take advantage of cheaper economy tariffs – and if you use green energy, your heating can even be CO2 neutral.

    Comfort heating: hotspots for ideal heating comfort

    To have warmth, exactly where and when you need it, is what electrical comfort heating is all about. And visual appeal is a given, no matter where in the home heating is required.

    Natural stone heaters

    Just like the sun, natural stone heaters bestow warmth on walls, floors, ceilings and the occupants of a room with equal generosity. They impress through their ease of operation and sheer visual appeal, as they are made from high quality components. Natural materials and heat – a winning combination. Not only are these heaters particularly attractive to look at, they also give out a very pleasant level of heat. The use of genuine natural stone means that every heater is unique.

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    Electric underfloor heating

    Walking barefoot on a warm floor is the height of comfort. Electric underfloor heating ensures a general feeling of wellbeing and cosiness. Regardless of whether in a bathroom or bay window reading corner. The low installed height of electric underfloor heating systems means they can also be retrofitted. Consequently, even when you're modernising, new options for greater heating comfort open up.

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    The CON Premium appliances feature a short-term timer: at the press of a button, the appliance switches to comfort mode for a predefined length of time, heats up the room and then switches off automatically again at the end of this period.

    Radiant heaters

    Radiated heat is perceived as particularly pleasant – and rarely has it been provided so decoratively as by the radiant heaters from STIEBEL ELTRON. The heated glass surfaces of the RHB and RHW series of appliances look good anywhere – in the living space, hallway or bathroom. The special surface reflects light in a way that adds depth to the entire room, whether you opt for a version in mirror glass, white or black. The all-round bezel on the back means that the wall mounting bracket and power supply are no longer visible post installation.

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    Direct heaters: heat rooms quickly and conveniently with convectors or rapid heaters

    Whether for the bathroom in the morning or for rooms that are rarely used, or lack a heater of their own, direct heaters are an appealing option for providing cosy heat. For this additional, comforting warmth, all you need is a power outlet.

    More comfort, more functions: the new rapid heaters and convectors

    STIEBEL ELTRON has revised its range of direct heaters. All products comply with the ErP directives which come into force on 01/01/2018. As well as being ErP compliant, these new direct heaters also offer the user added convenience: this latest generation of products includes an important new feature – a standard electronic control unit with LCD.

    Smart control: windows open, appliance off

    The new control system makes the appliance smarter: the integral controller allows the comfort temperature to be set with pinpoint accuracy. If the room is ventilated, the heater switches off automatically. The appliances also feature an adaptive self-learning function in timer mode: if a specific temperature has been programmed for 6 am in the bathroom, the appliance learns how much time it needs to heat the room to this temperature – and on the next occasion automatically switches on earlier or later accordingly.

    The CON Premium wall convector – a unique combination of functionality and aesthetics. The CON Premium enhances its environment not only by providing pleasant heat, but also through its exclusive design.


    STIEBEL ELTRON convectors are the perfect solution when a particular room is a few degrees below the ideal temperature. With minimum effort they provide the required level of warmth where it's needed – be it in the bathroom or a rarely used room in the basement.

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    Rapid heaters

    Compact and powerful for rapid heating: with their elegant design and high heating output, the CK Premium series of rapid heaters is perfect for rooms that need to be heated quickly and for short periods. With their tangential fans, STIEBEL ELTRON rapid heaters are among the quietest in their class. The comfort functions of the integral controller, such as the 7-day timer and open window detection, serve to highlight the efficiency of these appliances.

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