Underfloor heating
FTT 240 C

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    Enjoy warmth to the tips of your toes

    With our electric underfloor heating, you never need to have cold feet in the bathroom again.Your very first steps in the morning will take you across warm floor tiles.This will get your day off to a great start.

    Working in tandem

    Your installer will simply lay the heating mat under the tiled floor.It is easy to install – not only in new builds, but also in modernisation projects.The mats are also suitable for floor-level showers.If you combine the heating mats with warm water underfloor heating, you'll be covered all year round.Your central heating will keep the floor nice and warm in the winter and the mat will do the job in the spring and autumn.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 234288

    Area-specific output: 160 W/m²

    IP rating: IP X7

    Surface area: 1.50 m²

    Length: 3 m

    Width: 500 mm

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