Energy Label configurator

The European Union (EU) regulation on the efficiency labelling of room heaters came into force on 26 September 2015. Since then all affected appliances, as well as complete systems comprising several components, have had to be identified with an easily visible Energy Label.

From the ErP deadline onwards, industry and contractors are also obliged to specify the relevant efficiency class in brochures, adverts and quotations. Whilst every appliance is already appropriately labelled by the manufacturer, the contractor has to create a system label for the customer for the overall system. The efficiency classification of the system is derived through consideration of all of the components used.

With the Energy Label configurator, it is easy to select the STIEBEL ELTRON components you intend to use and – without further ado – generate the relevant system or composite label. This is also ideal for customer consultations, as it takes only seconds to demonstrate the effect of changing a component within the overall system on "their" Energy Label.


Create your Energy Label now!