LWE 40

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    Leave the air exchange to a top performer

    The strong silent type. A saying could be applied to this ventilation unit. Its quiet power is primarily thanks to the optimised fan: it enables precise, intensive ventilation of your living space, while keeping operating noise to a minimum. And thanks to heat recovery, you don't have to sacrifice cosy warmth in your home, as heat is transferred efficiently to the fresh air.

    Breathe only clean air

    High air quality ensured by the long fan service life can be increased still further: filters clean the incoming air of fine dust and pollen. This can improve the quality of life in your home if you suffer from allergies. Quick and straightforward installation makes this model a sensible investment for a healthy living environment.

    ERP product datasheet
    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 236659

    Type of ventilation: decentralised supply and extract air

    Power consumption: 2-7 W

    Rated voltage: 24 V

    Sound power level LW total relative to air flow rate: 32 (20 m³/h), 37 (bei 30 m³/h) dB(A)

    Weight: 4.25 kg

    Min. outlet aperture: Ø200, 185x185 mm

    Height: 256 mm

    Width: 256 mm

    Depth: 550 mm

    Air flow rate: 20/30/40/49/70 m³/h

    Heat recovery level up to: 93 %

    Ventilation unit type: RVU, bidirectional

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