DHW cylinder

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    Store hot water on a grand scale

    Looking for a hot water supply on a grand scale? No problem! These cylinders are suitable for combination with large heat pumps such as those used in family homes and commercial buildings. If you find that your demand increases, you can easily retrofit an auxiliary heater.

    Soak up all the sun

    These DHW cylinders also use solar heat on a large scale. With a nominal capacity of more than 800 litres, they allow you to store the heat obtained even from larger solar thermal systems with ease. Where demand is greater still, simply link the cylinders in series.

    ERP product datasheet
    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 235908

    Nominal capacity: 835 l

    Surface area, heat exchanger, top: 6.20 m²

    Surface area, heat exchanger, bottom: 3.60 m²

    Diameter incl. thermal insulation: 1,010 mm

    Height when tilted: 2,185 mm

    Weight: 321 kg

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