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    APPLICATION: Stiebel House PS–2 is a point of entry sediment prefilter to treat municipal water or fresh water supply before distributing it in the house. Suitable for various fresh water sources such as municipal and provincial water, rain or ground water supplied via village or town pump.

    EQUIPMENT & COMFORT: Improves the water quality by removing dirty contaminants (sand, soil, algae, etc.) from the inlet water with extra-large, well pleated and durable filter media. Less clogging of point-of-use filters and sanitary outlets (shower units, faucet outlets, etc.). It indirectly improves the water flow because of less clogging, thus, less maintenance is needed for sanitary accessories. The growth of bacteria in the filter system is prevented thanks to silver ions. Reduces limescale deposits with anti-limescale balls, for shiny sanitary accessories and kitchenware. The Silverlite stone increases the safeness of the whole filter system. It contains silver ions and several minerals to prevent the growth of bacteria inside the filter system and from a contamination from the outside of the filter.

    INSTALLATION: Stiebel House PS-2 can be installed both indoor and outdoor, both as point of entry and/or point of use.

    SAFETY & QUALITY: The anti-limescale filter media is certified for being safe for drinking water by NSF International with the NSF Mark 60 for the material safety.

    FILTER: 3 stages of well selected filter media.
    1. Polypropylene pleated sediment, range 1 – 10 μm: Reduces silt, rust, sediments and bigger particles than its pore size.
    2. Silverlite stone: The insoluble Silverlite stone consists of CaO, SiO2, AIO3, MgO and MnO and is coated with silver ions. has a strong antibacterial effect and prohibits germs from entering the filter media.
    3. Anti-limescale balls: Reduce the deposit of limescale hardness from the water inlet

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    Product Number: 205770

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