LWE 40

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    First class ventilation unit – high quality air, refreshingly quiet.
    The LWE 40 decentralised ventilation unit with heat recovery allows inflowing air to be purified by means of a fine dust filter – ideal for allergy sufferers. The telescopic casing is quick and easy to install on walls up to 800 mm thick. The aluminium heat exchanger is easy to clean and transfers heat efficiently.

    Convenient ventilation that can be felt but not heard.
    The optimised fan in the LWZ 40 ventilation unit ensures minimum operating noise. Ventilation through an open window, with the associated outdoor noise, is often noisier than convenient ventilation with the LWZ 40. And with the ventilation unit there is virtually no heat loss.

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    Product Number: 236659

    Air flow rate: 20/30/40/49/70 m³/h

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