Small water heaters, wall and floor mounted cylinders

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    Highly effective thermal insulation meets reliable technology

    Small water heater

    Small water heaters are powerful and compact DHW appliances, representing an unobtrusive constant source of hot water. With a capacity of 5 to 15 litres, their cost-effectiveness is especially apparent when small amounts of water are required frequently. They are run from a standard 230 V socket. Thanks to the highly effective thermal insulation, hot water is available constantly, with minimum energy expenditure.

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    Wall mounted water heater/DHW cylinder

    Wherever large amounts of hot water are required, a wall mounted DHW cylinder of the right capacity is on hand. With capacities ranging from 30 to 150 litres, highly efficient thermal insulation and reliable technology, these cylinders offer a reliable supply of hot water at the required volume to the bathroom, for small and very large amounts alike. As open vented or sealed unvented systems, wall mounted cylinders excel through a high degree of economy and flexibility.

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    Sealed unvented small water heaters

    Sealed unvented (pressure-tested) water heaters are not open to the atmosphere. For safety reasons, water will visibly drip from the safety valve of the safety assembly during heat-up.

    DHW cylinders with a pressure-tested internal cylinder can supply several draw-off points. These appliances are available in sizes from 5 to 150 litres. They keep hot water available constantly at the required temperature of between 35 °C and 85 °C.

    The thermal insulation between the internal tank and outer jacket meets the requirements for energy efficient operation. Generally, such appliances should be mounted on a wall near to the draw-off points used most frequently, to prevent unnecessary losses. As reheating a sizeable amount of water takes some time, match the appliance size to the maximum current demand. Depending on the appliance type, the internal tanks are made of steel with an enamel coating on the inside and feature an anti-corrosion rod or impressed current anode or are made of copper. The required safety equipment is specified in DIN 1988. Thermostatic and mono lever mixer taps can be installed at the draw-off points.

    Floorstanding cylinder

    Floorstanding cylinders with capacities from 200 to 1000 litres supply entire buildings with hot water. The highly effective insulation enables an efficient operation, especially when using cheaper economy tariffs. Innovative corrosion protection combined with minimum maintenance requirements ensure continuous and trouble-free use for many years. The wide range of advanced floorstanding cylinders offers a multitude of possible combinations with central heating systems, solar thermal systems and heat pumps.

    Sealed unvented floorstanding DHW cylinders and combi cylinders

    Floorstanding cylinders with 200 – 1000 litres capacity are used to cover high DHW demands. The water is generally heated off-peak (economy tariffs). They keep hot water constantly available at the required temperature between 35 °C and 82 °C.

    The internal cylinders are made from enamelled steel and feature an anti-corrosion rod. A flanged immersion heater is fitted as standard. Floorstanding cylinders are supplied either with applied foam insulation or a thermal insulation jacket fitted on site. This insulation is designed to minimise heat losses. The appliance should be selected so that the draw-off points at which small amounts of hot water are often required, can be supplied via a short DHW pipe run.

    Where calculating the cylinder size results in a borderline case, always select the next larger cylinder size. Electric floorstanding cylinders with additional integral indirect coil are particularly suitable for DHW heating in combination with a central heating boiler. Using a cylinder avoids the necessity of running the heating system inefficiently in summer (the inefficiency resulting from the permanent standby of the entire system). This combination may also be retrofitted.

    Floorstanding combi cylinders with a 300 to 1000 litre capacity can be compared to floorstanding cylinders, however, there is no heating option installed as standard. The qualified contractor can equip two or three flange apertures according to requirements.

    (Special accessories: flanged immersion heater, heat exchanger for boilers and solar operation, safety heat exchanger for refrigerant operation)