Convenience instantaneous water heater
DEL 18/21/24 SLi

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    The LCD of the instantaneous water heater DEL SLi electronic shows what it can do: Precise temperature control down to the nearest degree. In future, all you need to do is turn the rotary selector until the required temperature appears on the LCD - and that's it. The electronically-controlled instantaneous water heater accurately captures the flow rate as well as the cold and hot water temperatures, and uses these details to regulate the output. It even compensates for wider pressure fluctuations. The DEL electronic LCD maintains your required temperature right up to its performance limit. The appliance can be installed directly in your shower cubicle. The instantaneous water heater is hoseproof to IP 25 and offers many economic advantages as well as space-saving installation inside the shower cubicle or above the bath.

    ERP product datasheet

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 227499

    Rated output: 18/21/24 kW

    Height: 478 mm

    Width: 225 mm

    Depth: 105 mm

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