Convenience instantaneous water heater
DEL 27 Plus

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    DEL Plus instantaneous water heater – the best equipped 3i appliance.

    No other instantaneous water heater with 3i technology has such a wide range of features as the DEL Plus. With backlit multifunction display, temperature memory, childproofing and ECO mode, it offers best-in-class comfort and convenience. The energy and water saving ECO mode can be used to limit the maximum flow rate of the DEL Plus to enable a constant DHW temperature, even where inlet temperatures are low. Where required, the instantaneous water heater can be very conveniently operated from a distance with the FFB4 Set EU wireless remote control.

    ERP product datasheet

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 236740

    Rated output: 27 kW

    Height: 466 mm

    Width: 225 mm

    Depth: 116 mm

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