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    The latest development in the area of high speed hand dryers: Ultronic hand dryer.

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    Hot air hand dryers reduce airborne bacteria

    Commissioned by the working committee of hot air hand dryer manufacturers in the ZVEI, the renowned Institut Fresenius and ipi Institute for Product Research examined this recurring issue:

    Are bacteria in the discharge air increased or reduced by hot air hand dryers?

    The result: The total amount of bacteria in the discharge air is approx. 90 percent lower than in the intake air. This means that hot air hand dryers reduce airborne bacteria.  This is because hot air hand dryers take the air for drying from their surroundings. If the ambient air contains bacteria, they could end up on clean hands. However, the air is heated sufficiently in the hand dryer to kill any bacteria drawn in with the intake air.
    To answer the question, the ipi developed and built the necessary test equipment in cooperation with Institut Fresenius. Several series of tests were carried out. In each case, the bacteria count in the discharge air was below that of the intake air. A statistical analysis on the 95 % level showed that the differentials are significant, i.e. hot air hand dryers reduce the bacteria count in the air. Another series of tests illustrated that the air duct is not a breeding ground for bacteria. No bacteria form in the hot air hand dryer.

    Benefits of hot air hand dryers at a glance

    • The myth that these hand dryers "spit out bacteria" has, after this study, finally been laid to rest. The opposite is the case: Hot air hand dryers reduce the amount of airborne bacteria.
    • In terms of hygiene and ecology, hot air hand dryers, recycled paper towel dispensers and fabric towel dispensers are comparable – as determined by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) and the German Federal Health Agency (BGA).
    • According to a study by the ipi Institute in 2000, electric hot air hand dryers come out on top on economy.
    • From the viewpoint of the installer, this makes hot air hand dryers the best system: They are energy efficient and environmentally responsible, and offer an advanced solution that does not create waste for disposal.