Role model and leading light. Inspiring trust and confidence.

Leading and supporting the community.

Companies are led by people; corporate success is achieved by people. That is why, at STIEBEL ELTRON, you are always at the heart of things – never on the periphery.

With our energy.

People are only capable of completing tasks and assignments satisfactorily if the parameters are made clear – namely, if there is a common understanding of the goals, exactly how they are to be achieved, and how their attainment is to be measured. Progress towards the achievement of a goal is significantly faster if cooperation is based on values respected equally by all parties. All employees share responsibility for adhering to our corporate values.

Our management personnel play a special part in development, optimisation and setting a daily example. They are a role model and support our core values as a leading light for the whole organisation. Our management personnel create room for manoeuvre and open up new opportunities. They actively support their teams in accomplishing their tasks. In turn, our employeesare encouraged to be bold and inquisitive. This inspires confidence in their own abilities and trust in the company.