For tomorrow and thereafter. For visionaries and their successors.

Where and why we are involved.

You must sow the seed, before you can reap the harvest. A matter of course in the agricultural sector, this will become increasingly important in the employment market. In times of demographic change and skills shortages, we believe it to be one of our key corporate tasks to prepare the ground for new recruits and young talent. And we are setting about accomplishing this task in many ways.

Far-sighted and sustainable actions.

Developing a future – which means going back to school for our Human Resources staff.
This is where the nurturing of future talent begins. In numerous alliances and initiatives, we offer direction and encourage people to take a look at the widest variety of professions open to them.

The demanding disciplines of science, (information) technology, engineering and mathematics ("STEM" subjects) are supported by STIEBEL ELTRON through its participation in various projects. Corporate and macroeconomic contexts are conveyed in the Management Information Game (MIG) business simulation. We support secondary schools here by providing students with enjoyable, up to date ways to access to economic principles.

At the "IdeenExpo", we use our exhibits to demonstrate our technology and what it is capable of achieving, and also how many different professions and roles are involved in the process.

The aim of the "Girls' Day" project is to win over female students to vocations they would not typically pursue, especially in the technical, scientific and manual trades. During the course of our STIEBEL ELTRON apprenticeship day, the Holzminden training days and our careers day at the vocational college, our apprentices play an active role as "apprenticeship ambassadors", campaigning in schools for dual vocational training and providing authentic insights into the diversity of the professional world and the steps involved in the application and selection processes.

With this involvement, we not only foster technical, but also commercial understanding, while preparing the ground for vocational orientation. In the advanced, academic fields, we work actively with future talent. We fund research projects and endow professorships to support the work of universities in related fields and promote far-sighted initiatives, such as the Holzminden-Höxter Future Centre in Germany.

Bhawesh Singh, engineer, International System Engineering

I am proud to be part of a team that creates truly sustainable solutions.

I really wanted to join a company in the energy industry, although I'd never had anything to do with heat pumps. This job was, therefore, particularly interesting and the projects with international customers make it just right for me. We attend to requests for "small systems" here, planning the deployment of heat pumps, photovoltaics and solar thermal systems, formulating the corresponding quotations and then preparing the hydraulic and electric schemes, so that everything runs smoothly on site.

If I believe that we ought to try something different, if I have an idea or suggestion for an improvement, then I simply go to my line manager – no problem, you're always supported here. The working atmosphere among my colleagues is relaxed and quite simply very pleasant. At the beginning, I received intensive training in preparation for my duties. As part of the mentoring process, we receive further professional encouragement, extending to subject areas that do not necessarily belong to our specific field of work. For example, I recently attended a refrigeration technology course, something completely new for me.

I was impressed by the consistency with which STIEBEL ELTRON pursues its philosophy. In my internships and as the topic of my final dissertation, I was always concerned with renewable energy sources. Here at STIEBEL ELTRON, we now develop heat pumps that obtain over 4 kW of heat from one kW of electricity – and this is still increasing. I am proud to be part of a team that develops truly sustainable solutions. My goal is to directly support several international subsidiaries and third-party customers; to share responsibility for larger projects, from the engineering phase through to commissioning.

Andrea Klein, Head of the Holzminden Sales and Service Group

People are passionate about what they do here.

After my apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant, I began working for STIEBEL ELTRON in the Export department. In the late 90s, I travelled to Thailand and played a part in building our business there. Since 2010, I have been responsible in our International Sales division for the markets of Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia. In this respect, I'm a good example for what's possible in our company– always taking the next step and making progress. This naturally also requires courage and commitment. But here in our company, you are given every opportunity to work independently.

STIEBEL ELTRON is precisely the right size for my taste: small enough for everyone to know each other well and to be able to discuss things directly at all times. Large and strong enough to develop new products independently and refine them for specific target groups. For "my" markets in Saudi Arabia, for example, I need modified product solutions due to the higher mains frequency. It's great fun to play an active role myself in finding these solutions and shaping the sales success of the future more or less in person. We stand for "Made in Germany", which is a key selling point both in Africa and the Middle East. My goal for the near future is to discover and develop many new markets.

I find it easy to switch off as soon as I get home and enjoy my free time. The open countryside and the choice of leisure pursuits available to me here is so much more appealing than the hustle and bustle of city life. I particularly appreciate the peace and quiet – especially after spending around five years in Bangkok. We have everything in our region, even proper seasons: Winter is really winter in the Weser Uplands and summer is summer…

If you're looking for an employer that offers opportunities, thrives on innovation and pays fairly, then STIEBEL ELTRON is right for you. And in purely idealistic terms, people are still really passionate about their work here.